The Culture

Freedom Design is resetting standards in furnishings, finishes and relic artifacts repurposed for our family of clients.

Our aesthetic ranges from traditional and simple, to extravagant and bold – whatever the client can imagine, we bring to life. We produce pieces for any and all settings; homes, offices, retail, restaurants/lounges and public spaces.

Our work is distinguished by experienced quality craftsmanship and functional features to make living life more beautiful. With inspiration and hard work, Freedom Design’s highest priority is strong relationships with employees, clients and suppliers. Inspired by the company’s core values, we bolster a culture of integrity, creativity, listening, innovation, service, responsibility and honesty.

The Force

Freedom Design is a creative endeavor, built inspiration upon inspiration, always with the client as our focus. Our area of expertise has grown as we meet great new people who inspire us to push, drive, and improve our work. Freedom Design’s work encompasses all types of environments; homes, offices, restaurants/bars and public spaces. We design, consult, plan, resource, custom create, and design. We said design twice…we like design.


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